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Tiled Roof Restoration Using Energy Saving Paint Technology

This old tiled roof was restored and completely transformed using the latest in energy saving paint technology that reduces heat transfer into the building thus reduced cooling costs. The roof, in original condition, had not been touched for 48 years and was covered in a lot of moss and lichen.

The paint used on this project was Nutech's NXT® Cool Zone® - the latest in paint technology the reflects the heat of the sun leaving the roof surface cooler and reducing the heat transmitted inside the building. This means that significant savings can be achieved on the costs associated with airconditioning.

The roof was cleaned with a high pressure water wash to remove the moss, lichen and dirt and allowed to dry. Broken tiles were replaced and the ridge capping was re-pointed before the paint was applied.

A coat of Nutech GP Primer followed by 2 full coats of Nutech NXT® Cool Zone® was applied using an airless spray gun.

This particular project was undertaken as a DIY project. The airless spray gun was supplied for hire from the Crowies Paints store at Blackwood.

For more information on this product or to enquire about hiring spray equipment, pop in to your nearest Crowies Paints store.

Crowies Paints are the paint specialists and our highly trained staff provide the highest levels of customer service and expert advice to ensure the success of your painting project .


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