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Restoration of an Old, Rusty and Weathered Outdoor Setting

This old, rusty and weathered outdoor furniture setting has been completely transformed into an "as new" setting, extending its life by years.

Instead of buying a new outdoor setting, this is an easly DIY project to rejuvinate a tired old setting and achieve excellent results .

The old wicker seats were removed and cleaned using Wattyl Deck Clean then coated with Wattyl ProDeck - a revolutionary new water based decking product that lasts up to three times longer than traditional decking oils.

The very rusty steel frames were dismantled and wire brushed to remove the loose rust and paint and the entire surface was wiped down with wax and grease remover to remove any surface contamination and ensure that the paint would stick.

Finally, two coats of Hammerite Direct to Rust brushable hammerfinish was applied and once dried, the setting was reassembled and ready for use.

Wattyl ProDeck, Hammerite Direct to Rust products along with the expert advice you made need to undertake your painting project are available from your nearest Crowies Paints store.


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