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Coloured Pebble Table Top

This unique table top was created using Norglass Liquid Glass. This is an easy project that can be done at home with stunning results.

Liquid Glass is a 2 part epoxy resin that is manufactured by Norglass Paints. It is self leveling, extremely high gloss and dries to a completely transparent finish. When fully cured, the finish looks and feels like glass!

Coloured pebbles were placed onto the table top to achieve the desired pattern. A 1.5L pack of Liquid glass was mixed up and carefully poured over the surface so as not to dislodge the pebbles. The liquid glass flowed between the pebbles gluing them into place.

Once the liquid glass had cured, the surface was lightly sanded and a second 1.5L pack was applied. The liquid glass completely covered the pebbles and flowed out to a smooth glossy finish

The only trick is to ensure the table top is completely level during the application process.

Liquid glass is extremely tough, producing an extremely attractive and hard wearing surface.


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