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Blackwood Wallpaper

There are many ways to change the mood in a room, often this is done through the use of feature walls. At Crowies we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the square with these kinds of projects. Blackwood in South Australia has done just that with the change over of their wallpaper display section.

Previously the store had the below image as their feature piece. This provides a great example of how striking wallpaper can be in order to make a statement in an environment.

It was time for change during the quite months at Blackwood, the store has recently stripped down the above and changed to the contemporary display show below. In terms of making this change, the ease of removal and reapplication couldn't of been easier. Through the use of a 'Paper Tiger' wallpaper removal tool and Selleys Wallpaper Peel & Strip the team were able to effectively remove the wallpaper.

Preparing the wall for its new artwork the staff followed the below steps:

  • Ensured all glue has been removed from the wall
  • Using a light Sugar Soap and water mix the area was wash thoroughly. Once dry, the wall required 'Pasting' (wallpaper dependent) in preparation for the new wallpaper
  • Working in pairs the staff rolled out from the first roll, measured and used a sharp stanley knife to cut to length.
  • Finally, once applied the wallpaper is massaged into the correct position with any excess being removed.

Speak to our friendly staff about wallpapers which involve a pattern repeat and/or alternate drop and how this affects application.Great work by Crowies Blackwood.

Pop into your local store today, because at Crowies....We Know Paint!


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