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Choosing The Right Equipment

21 Jan, 2016

It is important to use the right equipment for a given painting project. There are many different types of paint rollers, brushes and paint products that are suited for different applications. Using the right product and equipment will enable you to achieve the desired finish in a shorter time. Taking shortcuts, using the wrong product or low quality equipment could produce an unacceptable result that costs you more money and time in the long term.

Preparing Roller Sleeves Before Use

21 Jan, 2016

Wash roller sleeves before their first use to remove any loose fibres that would inevitably come off into the paint, leaving a rough, unsightly finish. Wash the sleeves with water, running your hands up and down to remove the loose fibres. Spin out the excess water before painting.

Selecting the Right Drop Cloth

21 Jan, 2016

Always use canvas drop cloths. Thin bed sheets won’t stop spills from seeping through to the floor. Plastic sheets are great for covering furniture but used as a drop sheet they are slippery, they don’t absorb the paint and the paint stays wet for a long time. Invariably the paint finds its way to the bottom of your shoes and gets walked through the house.

Removing Masking Tape

21 Jan, 2016

It is always best to remove masking tape as soon as possible after painting and before the paint dries by gently pulling the tape away from the wall to avoid peeling the fresh paint off with it. If the tape cannot be removed straight away, run a sharp blade between the tape and the painted surface to break any seal before removing.

Preventing Paint Creep

21 Jan, 2016

When masking up, use a putty knife to press the edge of the tape down to achieve a good seal. This will prevent the paint from creeping under the tape and spoiling the clean edge.

Masking Up To Achieve A Sharp Edge

21 Jan, 2016

When using masking tape, choose a painters blue tape instead of normal masking tape as it won’t buckle up which allows paint to run underneath it, is easier to remove, wont damage the underlying surface and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Invite your mates

21 Jan, 2016

Provide pizzas and beer and ask a couple of mates around to help you with your painting project. The job will be finished in half the time and you won’t hear any complaints. Problem Solvered!!!

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Is my paint dry?

09 Sep, 2015

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