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Category: Clean-up

Colourful Wall Mural

07 Apr, 2017

This colourful fish inspired mural on a shed wall has created a bright and lively backdrop to a backyard swimming pool

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This old timber kitchen has been completely transformed into a beautiful, timeless antique appearance

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This Ford Falcon XD Phase 5 is in the process of being restored to its former glory with Wattyl Colourthane C-Series Gloss

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Cleaning Roller Sleeves

21 Jan, 2016

Roller sleeves can hold a large amount of paint. Scrape the excess paint from the roller sleeve using a circular roller scraping tool before you wash it. This will save paint and make it much easier to clean.

Making Cleaning Up Easier

21 Jan, 2016

Use a disposable paint liner in your roller tray. They are inexpensive and save time on cleaning up

Resealing 4 Litre Paint Cans

21 Jan, 2016

Pouring paint directly from a 4 Litre container can be really messy. Use a paint pourer to prevent spills and eliminate paint from collecting in the lid lip. This will make it easier to reseal the 4L can and preserve the quality of any left over paint.

Storing Equipment Between Coats

21 Jan, 2016

If you are waiting for the first coat to dry, wrap your brush and roller in glad wrap to prevent it from drying out. If you have finished for the day, wrap your brush and roller in glad wrap, place in a plastic bag and store in the fridge overnight.

Handy Tip to Achieve a Professional Painting Result

21 Jan, 2016

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Keep a damp sponge on hand to wipe up any mistakes or spills straight away.

Soaking Paint Brushes

21 Jan, 2016

Don’t allow brushes to soak in water, thinners or paint for extended periods of time as the brush will swell and lose its shape. The bristles will absorb the liquid which can then drip out of the ferrule (the metal strip that holds the bristles in place) when they are used.

Selecting the Right Drop Cloth

21 Jan, 2016

Always use canvas drop cloths. Thin bed sheets won’t stop spills from seeping through to the floor. Plastic sheets are great for covering furniture but used as a drop sheet they are slippery, they don’t absorb the paint and the paint stays wet for a long time. Invariably the paint finds its way to the bottom of your shoes and gets walked through the house.

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