When it comes to paint perfection, Crowies has got you covered.

We stock some of the best brands in the world, enabling you to prepare and complete interior and exterior projects like a professional. Whether you're painting walls or wood, or you want to treat timber or coat exteriors, we've got the ranges to meet your needs.

It's choice that's complemented by our own Crowies range - it's premium quality paint with a value price tag!

We are proud distributors of the following PAINT ranges:

Major distributor of Viponds - the paint colour specialists

Crowies Ceiling and Wall Finish

Crowies Ceiling and Wall Finish is a premium quality interior flat Ceiling and wall paint with great covering power, anti-splatter and ease of application. The completely flat finish of Crowies Ceiling paint is outstanding at hiding surface imperfections.

Crowies Undercoat Sealer

Crowies Undercoat Sealer is the perfect start to your painting project as it provides a smooth, sealed surface ready to top coat with any Crowies product or conventional water based or oil based paint. Crowies Undercoat Sealer is great for undercoating new plaster board, MDF board, fibrous cement and masonry as well as blocking out strong colours ready for repaint.

Crowies Low Sheen

Crowies Low Sheen is a premium quality low sheen wall paint for all rooms of the house as well as some exterior applications. Crowies Low Sheen provides great washability, high covering power and dries to a smooth low sheen finish which looks fantastic.

You've heard that Crowies knows paint, but were you aware that we're also experts on colour too?

If you need help choosing paint colours for your project, our consultancy service is available in selected stores, free of charge, by appointment.

Call your nearest store to book a time, then bring any items like tiles or soft furnishings, and our fully trained experts will assist you in selecting the colour scheme that's right for you.

If you'd prefer to have a colour consultation at home, contact your local store for charge information and service availability.